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ID: EDU001 Mini Solar Powered Car

You will not believe how fast this mini solar powered car can go! Demonstrates the principles of solar power in a fun and easy-to-understand way. Buy a few and have a solar grand prix race.

  • No batteries - just power from the sun.
  • No assembly required
  • Measures just 33 x 22 x 14 mm.

When the sun shines on the solar panel, the panel makes electricity that turns the motor and the wheels. A fun demonstration of solar power. The worlds smallet solar car also work when close to a strong artificial light source. 

Please Note:
Not for under 3s due to small parts. 


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ID: EDU002 6 in 1 Solar Eductional Kit

This DIY educational kit is a great beginners introduction to solar power technology. Once the gear box has been assembled you can build six educational toys around it you could have a robot dog one minute, or a boat for your bath the next! If either of those don’t do anything for you then why not build your own little plane (moving or still), windmill or solar powered car!

Very easy to follow instructions and with the clip together parts there is no need for glue or screws.

When there is not enough sunlight you can power the toys with 50W halogen bulb (or brighter).

You can build:

  • Robotic Dog
  • Boat
  • Moving Plane
  • Car
  • Windmill
  • Desktop Plane

Please Note:
Age 10+, not suitable for under 3s due to small parts. 


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ID: EDU003 Solar Grasshooper

Solar powered grasshopper, no battery needed. It's micro vibration motor are driven directly in the sunlight eyes jiggle, legs wiggle, and antennas sway to-and-fro.

Pint-sized and power to pack a punch, this amusing solar bug will surely capture your heart. 


  • Grasshopper powered by solar energy
  • Dimensions: approximately 18mm x 30mm
  • Includes DC motor, solar cell
  • No batteries required
  • Retail packed

A good educational toy for children to learn about solar power energy. 

Please Note:
Not for under 3s due to small parts. 



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ID: EDU004 Cistern Water Saver

The biggest water saving device for over 100 years. This kit fixes on top of existing plastic WC siphons and connects to the front mounted flush handle. No need to turn off the water supply and the easy to follow installation guide means a competent person can fit this remarkable device in fifteen minutes.

Benefits - cuts water bills dramatically:

  • Housholds 20%
  • Businesses 42%
  • Schools 30%
  • Estimated savings of up to £50 per year
  • Short payback time
  • Easy installation & maintenance free
  • Designed to last & Guaranteed for approximately 200,000 flushes
  • WRAS tested and approved

How does it work?
A siphon stops flushing when air enters the siphon. The water saver is simply an air valve on top of the siphon, it is open when the flush handle is up and closed when the handle is down.

1. Press the lever (starts the flush & closes air valve)
2. Hold down to continue flush (air valve is closed)
3. Release when pan is clear(air valve is open, air enters to stop the flush)

The user stops the flush just as soon as the pan is clear. No water is wasted whatsoever. Saves 47% of the flushing water, nothing can flush a toilet with less water.

Please Note:
This product is designed for cisterns with front mounted flush handles only. 


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ID: EDU005 Solar Key Ring Flashlight

A useful mini solar powered key ring flashlight that can be carried around with you wherever you go. It features two super bright LED's that will last for over 100,000 hours and a solar cell that only needs to be exposed to a small amount of light throughout the day to keep the built in battery fully charged so the light is ready for use when needed. This handy flashlight is lightweight and ideal to carry around with you for emergencies and everyday use. 


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