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Sunshine Power Inverter 1000W 12V Pure Sine Wave (With Wireless Remote & Display)

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Our inverters are a very high grade and this product is supplied with heavy duty leads fitted with terminal rings for easy connectivity to your battery.  


Numerous uses for off grid installations large and small, whether it be in the home, outbuildings, caravan, motorhome, car, truck or boat the Sunshine range of inverters give you a 240V power supply wherever you need it.  


Sunshine power inverters have advantages of being compact, light weight, & low noise, once connected to a 12V battery bank, you get 240v AC directly from the power inverters UK output socket giving you a stable power supply for running your electrical appliances.  


Our JWR range of Power inverters benefit from two very useful key features. 


1)  Digital Display   - this can show you the battery voltage or the total wattage of the appliances you are running through the inverter, making it easy to monitor your battery status and easier when using multiple appliances to avoid overload.  


2)  Wireless Remote Switch   - each Power Inverter is supplied with its own wireless remote on/off switch that can be activated with the key fob included With this feature it is very easy to switch the power inverter on or off even if it is fitted in a hard to access area.  





Soft Start 


Wireless Switch with Key Fob 


Digital Display - Battery Voltage & AC Appliance Wattage 


Dual AC outlets 


Over-temperature protection 


Low battery voltage alarm 


Low battery voltage shutdown 


High battery voltage shutdown 


Overload protection, short circuit protection, polarity reverse connection protection 






1000W pure sine wave power inverter 


Output waveform: pure sine wave inverter 


Continuous power: 1000 Watt 


Surge power: 2000 Watt 


No load current: <0.9A 


Input voltage: 10-15V DC 


Output volt: 240 


Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz 


Efficiency: >85% 


Dimension (L*W*H): 31 x 15 x 7cm 


Weight: 4.88kg 





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